Tuesday, 31 August 2021

In true fashion...

If you've been here for awhile you know that I love watching Big Brother, haven't missed a season since I began watching at the end of season 3... 

... and if you know the show of Big Brother, you know to ....

Expect the unexpected.

Big news coming soon! 

Friday, 27 August 2021

Drought continues

Our area of BC went without rain for 55 days through June/July and then received 4mm (about 20% of an inch), since then we've had no other rain to speak of. Yesterday we did receive 0.6mm (0.02"), everything here is brown. 

The temperatures have cooled down to the low-mid 20C range (72F) but everything is struggling to stay alive on minimal watering, and the watering hole used for the orchard is almost empty.

Clouds have begun to move in which shows promise for the wet weather to come but the weather people have no precipitation in the forecast. Today I saw a news article describing 2020 as the driest on record but I think 2021 may well take that title before its over.

Thankfully, we secured a second water source for our garden but I feel for people who didn't have that option. We have been able to fill our landlords garden water buckets so he didn't have to dip into his orchard supply for his corn and squash that he plants in the orchard garden. Its been a difficult year for gardening, to be sure. 

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Abbott & Costello 2021

Found on FaceBook. Definitely the way the world is thinking.  Yet no one sees the craziness.  Fear is amazing. After 20 years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for other people's rights, roughly 20% of people in provinces in this country (Canada) have had theirs taken away... in an effort to force them to do something against their will...

I want to be clear: I am not an anti-vaxxer.


Bud: ‘You can’t come in here!’

Lou: ‘Why not?’

Bud: ‘Well because you’re unvaccinated.’

Lou: ‘But I’m not sick.’

Bud: ‘It doesn’t matter.’

Lou: ‘Well, why does that guy get to go in?’

Bud: ‘Because he’s vaccinated.’

Lou: ‘But he’s sick!’

Bud: ‘It’s alright. Everyone in here is vaccinated.’

Lou: ‘Wait a minute. Are you saying everyone in there is vaccinated?’

Bud: ‘Yes.’

Lou: ‘So then why can’t I go in there if everyone is vaccinated?’

Bud: ‘Because you’ll make them sick.’

Lou: ‘How will I make them sick if I’m NOT sick and they’re vaccinated.’

Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’

Lou: ‘But they’re vaccinated.’

Bud: ‘But they can still get sick.’

Lou: ‘So what the heck does the vaccine do?’

Bud: ‘It vaccinates.’

Lou: ‘So vaccinated people can’t spread covid?’

Bud: ‘Oh no. They can spread covid just as easily as an unvaccinated person.’

Lou: ‘I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Look. I’m not sick.

Bud: ‘Ok.’

Lou: ‘And the guy you let in IS sick.’

Bud: ‘That’s right.’

Lou: ‘And everybody in there can still get sick even though they’re vaccinated.’

Bud: ‘Certainly.’

Lou: ‘So why can’t I go in again?’

Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’

Lou: ‘I’m not asking who’s vaccinated or not!’

Bud: ‘I’m just telling you how it is.’

Lou: ‘Nevermind. I’ll just put on my mask.’

Bud: ‘That’s fine.’

Lou: ‘Now I can go in?’

Bud: ‘Absolutely not?’

Lou: ‘But I have a mask!’

Bud: ‘Doesn’t matter.’

Lou: ‘I was able to come in here yesterday with a mask.’

Bud: ‘I know.’

Lou: So why can’t I come in here today with a mask? ….If you say ‘because I’m unvaccinated’ again, I’ll break your arm.’

Bud: ‘Take it easy buddy.’

Lou: ‘So the mask is no good anymore.’

Bud: ‘No, it’s still good.’

Lou: ‘But I can’t come in?’

Bud: ‘Correct.’

Lou: ‘Why not?’

Bud: ‘Because you’re unvaccinated.’

Lou: ‘But the mask prevents the germs from getting out.’

Bud: ‘Yes, but people can still catch your germs.’

Lou: ‘But they’re all vaccinated.’

Bud: ‘Yes, but they can still get sick.’

Lou: ‘But I’m not sick!!’

Bud: ‘You can still get them sick.’

Lou: ‘So then masks don’t work!’

Bud: ‘Masks work quite well.’

Lou: ‘So how in the heck can I get vaccinated people sick if I’m not sick and masks work?’

Bud: ‘Third base.


Yesterday British Columbia announced vaccine passports, they are starting with restaurants (indoor AND outdoor dining), bars, indoor events and the like - by spring, who knows?! If masks work, why are we having to give up our rights?

This is Canada, right?! WTF... I absolutely do not agree with any of this, what is happening to this country?

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Been a busy time

Obviously its been a crazy busy time around here. I haven't written a post since Aug 3rd!! And with my memory I can only write about that which I have pictures of to recall. 

I have been unpacking and finding places and rearranging to fit all of our belongings that I brought back with me on my trip. A feat in and of itself, I assure you.

Regular use jar stand

Found this wine bottle stand (at GIRO, the local re-store) which fits my 'former spaghetti sauce' jars. The proper canning jars are too big but fortunately the spag sauce once which we have a lot of do fit very well.

We went for supper at a place in Cedar, just outside Nanaimo and it was fantastic! So reminded us of a pub in England just down the road from Brad's brother.

Beautiful outdoor (s)eating garden also. 

There are benches to sit and chat over a glass of wine, picnic tables for meals and just an all around fabulous atmosphere. The staff were amazing, such a vast difference from our current island that I cannot even begin to explain.

Tudor building to boot

Such a warm and welcoming environment

One happy dude

On a different topic -- the garden. We are still harvesting, processing, freeze drying, etc. 

1 of our zucchini

So far Betty is managing to keep up with the garden harvest but the tomatoes haven't 'really' begun coming ripe yet. We get the odd tomatoe here and there which we're mostly using for our fresh salads, I also made Picco de Gallo (Bruschetta) the other day and shared a bit with the people who were staying that day in the guest house next door (which is now a B&B, apparently until fall).

My 'Good Son' is coming for a night or two, he hopes (ferry scheduling issues with his work schedule) at the end of the month so I have been rearranging all kinds of stuff which was in Betty's room (which is the guest room) so that if/when guests stay we can just pull Betty out for the duration of their stay.

To be clear, I say 'my good son' because they are both my good sons. Its a family joke, I've always told them both they are the good son or favourite or whatever. And yes, they are both well aware that they both get the same blah blah from Mum. (also, remember the movie 'The Good Son?... jus sayin'.)

This particular 'good son' is my Army brat. Who is stationed in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) literally just north of us - and yet something like 18 hours away. I will warn you now though, he does not like his picture taken nevermind posted online.

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Home again

I am home. 

I cannot tell you how great it is to be home again after almost a whole month of driving. Minus, of course 10 precious days with my Daddy and a few days with my Mother-in-law and Grandkids.

My hips are telling me I'm not 20 anymore but I don't believe a word of it.... :D

Brad with his prized corn

Smoke in BC's interior

If you look closely you will see that this new spark is only about 300ft from the Trans Canada Highway.

We have unloaded the truck and sorted through 95% of its contents and done with them whatever needed doing. I'm tired and forcing myself to 'take it easy' which by all accounts is still 'normal' for everyone else...

Anyway, just an update that the road trip has been completed.