Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Loved for Eternity


March 8, 1940 - Sept. 12, 2021

He was born in London, England, during the war, joined the British Merchant Navy at 18, became an electrician and travelled the world.

But the irrepressible James (Jim) chose to make Canada his home, first in Saskatoon in 1974, then in Windsor, where he worked at Chrysler, because he wanted more opportunity for his children.

All the while, Jim happily lived his philosophy of rolling with the punches and criss-crossing the globe.

"My outlook has always been to see a lot of this planet while I'm on it," he said recently, while reflecting on his life, often with his characteristic, infectious laugh. "I've been luckier than most. Some guys live and die in the same town and never go anywhere. I went everywhere."

Jim was a go-getter who got things done, who remained optimistic even in the clutches of the cancer that finally took him, and who found love late in life. In the middle of the pandemic, he married Ann Pearson - with whom he did not have enough time and who he called his "soul mate."

Through thick and thin he said the thing that brought him the most joy was family, including his children Katherine (husband Brad), and Dave; his grandchildren Lee, Carey (wife Kelsey), and Landon; and his great-grandchildren Xzavia, Brooklynn and Royce, all of Saskatoon. He is also survived by his sister Ruth (husband Del) in the U.K., as well as his step-children Scott (wife Sue) and Craig (wife Bev), and step-grandchildren Carter, Kate and Spencer in Windsor and Oakville.

He spent his final days with wife Ann lovingly by his side. A tribute to his life was held at Windsor Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Jim was thoughtful, kind, considerate and warm - a gentleman in every regard.

Though he loved travelling, he also enjoyed tinkering at home, fixing this or that, and spending time with those he loved.
As his daughter Katherine said...
"Dad was adored by many, respected by all and will be loved for eternity."

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Rogue Acres

So… yeah. Sorry it’s taken so long to write this but I have a lot going on at the moment.

We have secured ourselves 40 acres and will be moving to northern Alberta at the end of September.

Yes, we know it will be cold as ….  But I’ve been wanting a hobby farm for ( pardon the pun) donkey’s years. Now, we are finally going to get to do it. 

Eventually, it will take time of course, we would like chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, donkey (great security guards) and maybe even a dairy cow! 

We’ll see how it goes but we are very excited!!! Never a dull moment around here and rapidly becoming ‘never a dull fractional second around here’. 

Haha, bet you didn’t see this coming! 

Rogue Acres

I know it’s a lame pic but I’m writing this on my cell phone, so…

Saturday, 4 September 2021

My Good Son visits

To be clear, this isn't the big news.

Stacey and I went foraging for Stinging Nettles. I am drinking Stinging Nettle Tea as a replacement for my Synthroid medication - again Doctor approved.

Separating seeds from leaves

The Mother-Dreaded Motorcycle (doesn't every Mother? Well, anyway...)

After spending some time with his Dad in the Vancouver area...
he popped over to Gabriola to visit with us too.

Brad showed off the garden

Lee has his Ham radio license and wants me to get it too. I plan to.

Robbie with a bone

About a week ago Stacey brought Robbie a rawhide bone and we thought he'd eaten it all but it turns out he only ate half of it. He had buried the other half in the side garden and only brought it out yesterday...

Yes, I know I have to post the good news yet... my Dad is not doing very well at all and I just haven't got to it with everything else going on that the good news requires, so I am just catching up on my pictures and I shall post the good news next, I think.