Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Ladies come home to roost

As they are laying hens (and thereby all girls), we will call them Ladies - seems fitting.

FYI, for anyone interested

The Chicken Coop, with new window. There are vents at the roof line and we'll be putting more in on the side roof line also.

The ladies are happy

It was also my birthday on Saturday, and I wanted Chinese food, so... a good gut bash was had!

We barely had the ladies home and it started snowing

A good sprinkling

The girls didn't know what to make of it

Robbie helping to herd them. Literally, 4 escaped through a week spot in the fence and Robbie rounded them up into a group behind the coop where Brad was able to put them back in the fence and we added logs around the edges.

Left: Blondie
All birds are Brown pullets... but Blondie must be the milkman's kid as she is much whiter than the rest.

Day 2: 5 eggs. Subsequently today, we got 6.

If you know me at all.... here is the camera in the coop.

We are able to monitor them coming in and out, using the roosts and making sure the lights and heater are working appropriately.... this will make me more comfortable that they have all they need, ie heat and light. (too hot still for the heater, but.... its there for when the temperatures drop)

Chickens need a minimum of 12 hours light per day in order to lay eggs. 14+ is better, so having a light in the coop to supplement their light is essential.


  1. So much fun having chickens!
    Did that in my “Mother Earth” days. Raised chickens and turkeys for meat too. Nothing like a home-green roasted chicken! Nothing!

    1. I love 'Mother Earth' too, been on there for years now.


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