Thursday, 4 November 2021

Chickens and Rabbits, Oh My!

The ladies have settled in. They come running to the gate now when we approach which is really cool but also reminiscent of 'Jurassic Park' the way they run at you...

I have sourced some rabbits and now am working on the hutches for them. I like this one but as I am making it I don't know how close I'll get. Surprisingly, rabbit hutches and even basic cages are super expensive. It will cost me about $250 to build the one I have designed which is based on the picture below but taller and more open.

Next garden season we will have our own rabbit poop!!! Hahaha.

Poop scooping rabbit hutch

Back to the ladies....

I made porridge for the ladies the other day and cabbage yesterday, they had more porridge this am and I put some cabbage bites in it also. Since they essentially came to us from a 'Chicken Mill', I am trying to put some meat on their bones before winter sets in.

Much more comfortable in their yard now and their personalities are starting to show.
They are fascinated by my red boots!

More nesting boxes are in but today only 'Blondie' layed an egg. 

Its too cold, they typically lay in 7C-27C (44-79F) and I've been too cheap to keep it heated. However, today I have set the heat lamp to come on every 4 hours for 1/2 an hour to remove humidity  which I have been struggling to get control of. Put holes in the walls top and bottom, put a fan in, window down..... nothing worked.

Humidity will cause them to get frostbite on their extremities and I've been having trouble getting it below 70%, 50-60% is suitable. The heat lamp seems to be working as its currently sitting at 57% and nice bonus is its also 7C!!! So maybe eggs in the am...


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