Saturday, 6 November 2021

Coop humidity woes

I gave the ladies a roost in their run and strung a cabbage on it too.

I can only assume they couldn't crack it even though I'd started the pull for them so eventually I just chopped it up into teeny pieces for them and now they love me.

The heat lamp was hanging quite low because we didn't have a second one for balance.

Because chickens don't need much, if any, heat (we will give them heat in Dec/Jan temperatures) I revamped the heat lamp situation in the coop. It is now very securely strapped, tied and looped to the ceiling where they can't get at it or bump into it.

I have it tied up 3 ways to secure it to the ceiling, so it won't fall, be knocked or otherwise cause havoc.
I hope.

Currently, I have a dehumidifier in the coop because I have been trying to lower the humidity in there for ages without any luck. 77% humidity this am and that won't go over in the winters we have here so it must come down! I'm hoping that using the dehumidifier will set the baseline and it will manage itself from there. 

I think I've stated before, we've put holes in it, a window, a fan, a heater.... nothing is working. I have put mesh over the window today and hope that by having the window completely open all the time (except in severe cold) that will help.

Nov 5th. Guy Fawkes Night

Anyhow.... its a damn fine day today for Nov 5th outside of Edmonton, AB! No snow (4 ft to come, I'm sure) yet, sun is shining and its +10C (50F). I'll buy that for a $ -- :D


  1. We had chickens when we lived at New Sarepta, never heated or worried about humidity. Had no problems.
    Same at Sundre a few years later.
    I never heard of anyone worried about either.
    We did put in a light bulb to provide 12 hrs of daylight, but most people didn’t.

    1. Yes, It's not necessary unless you want eggs. As we don't know the age of these hens really, we want to get some eggs from them before freezer camp. High humidity and Cold temperatures (its get -40C ish here for other readers) can cause frostbite to their toes and combs. We will be getting a rooster later winter or early spring and hatch us a new batch of layers before camp starts :D We are not far outside Edmonton.


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