Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Liver treats, Peter and Bambi

I bought 4 packages of liver for about $6 each and cut them into bite sized pieces for freeze drying as treats for Robbie.

The finished product was 3 quart jars which will last him about 3 months... cheap like borscht. 

Remember 'Blackie'?...

That name just wouldn't resonate with me, even after 4 or 5 days, I just couldn't get it into my head so today we changed his name to Peter, Yay! :D


This morning I drove into the city to pick up our doe and I named her Bambi. No reason, it just came to me as such and I went with it.

L-R: Bambi and Peter

Bambi was born Aug 8th and Peter Sept 16th. As you can see, Bambi is much bigger than Peter but only 5 weeks older so he will be doing a lot of growing in the next short while. Breeding will commence May 16, 2022. We have an order in for another doe and that litter will be ready in spring.

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