Sunday, 21 November 2021

Our rabbitry buck arrives

We went to pick up our rabbitry buck to bring him home. His first girlfriend won't arrive for a few days yet. We have the buck cage about 2 inches from the closest doe cage because as they say 'breed like rabbits'.... they will actually breed through the cage walls - if they are close enough and we want to control that so we don't end up with kits (baby rabbits) in freezing temps, as they may not survive that.

Brad named him Blackie (eyeroll)

Peek a boo

3 hung cages, each 2' deep, 3' long and 18" high

I ordered 3 cages. We plan to keep 2 does and 1 buck as our breeders.  The 2nd doe will arrive in spring. There is room for another 4-6 cages, if we needed to increase our numbers. I have since given him straw to bed down in for warmth if he needs it.

Underneath the cages we have a 2 ft poop/urine catcher which is working really well. We hung a tarp behind the cages and along the floor to protect the walls and floor from the strong rabbit urine as well. 

There is a poop scooper so that we can scoop it into the feed bags to allow for drying to use in the spring garden. Eventually, I want to create a sloped poop slide to guide the poop into a container rather than scooping it but this will work until we can build that in warmer weather, with the rabbits outside away from the noise - we just ran out of time before pick up day.


  1. Looks like you have "Blackie" all set up. Good luck with the new member to your "farm".


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