Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Christmas is coming

You may remember a  Christmas tree I picked up a few years ago for $10 off a local FB page, we had it outside in our spot after leaving the campground.... anyway, we tossed it in the trash before moving out here....

Monday last week while Brad was having his massage and before I went for mine, I was perusing Home Depot - I don't remember for what and I was in a rush as it was almost time for my appointment since I'd already been to 2 other shops... I found the most beautiful fake tree for $318! 

But didn't have to time get it so...

We don't get up to 'town' very often so this Monday when Brad was getting his massage, I went to go get it. (My tree goes up Dec 1st every year)   Sold Out! Man I was fit to be tied... I should have gone earlier. 

So I checked Canadian Tire.... Do Not get a tree there this year, what a ridiculous set of trees they look like those trees from a fake train set. Soooo bad!

So I checked Walmart.... yeah, nothing worth getting. (I like unique things)

Picked up Brad from massage and while having our lunch in the truck I noticed a 'Rona' next door. We decided to look there.

Found it! The original tree I had wanted from Home Depot was only about 6ft... this one is 7.5ft. Essentially the same tree though. Very different branches with acorns on them, frosting and pre-lit... All for $159!

Naked tree
Pre-lit lights in yellow

and pre-lit in multi colour

Lit up in the evening
Our first prezzie under it, thanks Ma.

Finally have our nativity out of storage. Love this concrete set. Big and Heavy.
Our first Christmas card arrived today too from a frequent commenter on the blog - LW
Thanks ol' girl!
Picked up 2 advent calendars too

Next on the agenda: Quality Street and After Eights. Christmas just isn't complete without those.


  1. hee hee -- glad it arrived!

    Love your tree!


  2. Merry Christmas. Great bargain on your lovely tree.


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