Saturday, 18 December 2021

Fermenting and IBS update

Fermenting: I've no idea what I'm doing but it seems like this fermenting thing is literally just putting veggies in a jar with optional spices, salt and a nipple lid so it can self burp and leaving it to sit for 2-4 weeks. 

Someone stop me if I'm wrong. Please?!

So I ordered a kit from Amazon, below is a pic of the benefits which explains why I thought it a worthwhile investment, not that it was expensive.

I'm excited to give it a try. I bought a jar of organic kimchi about a week ago and we have actually been eating it. Sure it wasn't an enjoyable experience the first time but it actually gets better each consecutive tasting. Note: you only need to eat 1-2 Tbsp with supper. Not a handful.

Because I have moved Betty's camera out to the chicken coop, I have ordered another for Betty because if I don't see the screen (Betty is in a closed room) then I forget to put a load in and it can run 2 odd hours before I remember (not that that uses much power, but..) I try to keep on a rough schedule of putting a load in each morning and taking it out the next morning and this has been messing me up. Yup, control freak.

Not sure if I mentioned about the milk. So I've had IBS for -well, since I was just over 20 (I blame this on my red head son since it started right after his arrival).... I learned recently that raw milk helps so I got some from a neighbour willing to sell milk and butter.

Its been well over a month now, I've been having a cup of warm milk every morning instead of the Tim Horton's (Canadian coffee brand) French Vanilla Cappuccino I've been drinking every day for the last 16 years!!! 

IT IS WORKING!!! Sooooo grateful. 

That french vanilla is something like 350 calories and 32g (8 tsp) of sugar. EVERY DAY for 16 years because it was the only thing that worked.

SO... since the raw milk worked -- how about the eggs?

I haven't been able to eat egg white for 20 years because it was one of the worst foods for setting off my IBS. When I order bacon and eggs I dip my toast in the yolk -- God forbid I get a tiny bit of white on the toast in the process because I would be laid up in pain for a few days.

I tried it. Scared to death because I know how that goes.... IT WORKED! I can eat farm fresh eggs! LOLOLOLOL WTH do they do to our food in these places?! 

Honest to God, I can't even believe it! Me, eating whole eggs! That's a coup -- from the coop. :D


  1. So glad your IBS is being controlled while eating new things. How lovely for you. Merry Christmas.

  2. Lovely that you can eat “real” food!


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