Thursday, 16 December 2021


I gave in. 

After having to carry water out to the rabbitry 2-3 times a day for ages now (rabbits don’t have heated waterers like the chickens do) - when Bambi’s very expensive thick plastic water bowl cracked I said “sod this” and looked to Amazon for the rubber bowls I’ve seen people use ( I hadn’t found them when I looked before) 

I found them:  3 for $75 CAD… basically $25 each. Brad had to go to the city for some house related something he had to copy and send ( yes, still dealing with that gong show), so I went to check at the Alberta farmer’s shop where I found them for $7.99 each!!! I bought all 5 on the shelf. Same 2qt size. I was/am thrilled with that!! 

It’s been super busy around here and I know I haven’t been writing like I used to, I’ve been pretty off my game since my Dad passed in Sept. and I realize that, I have to get back into the groove. 

I haven’t even been reading my morning ritual blogs. Like I’ve e said before - I’m a terrible person., but I’m cute so what the hell! :D

Honestly, I will be making an effort, and I know Dad would be some choked at me for being so put off my game by his passing…. but as long time readers would know we have more going on than just that and there is even more I haven’t mentioned here as yet.

So I apologize to my regular morning blog reads and commit to getting back to that routine immediately.

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