Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Free household cleaner and other stuff.

Brad likes to have a glass of a lemon and garlic drink (Details below) in the mornings, so I was making it and didn't want to waste the lemon peels, I also had some left over mandarin oranges from Xmas which were a little worse for wear, as you might imagine in mid January. 

So I cubed the oranges...

cut off the ends of the lemons,

peeled all the lemons,

all of it into the jar

Lastly fill jar with water and add lid.

1/2 gallon jar

Place in cool, dark place for 2-3 weeks, strain, pour into a spray bottle and you have an excellent cleaner for everything from counters to toilets -- and it would have all just gone in the bin, so I count that as free.

Homemade ACV

I made 2 massive Apple Cider Vinegars 4 weeks ago, they will be 'ready' tomorrow so I pulled them out to the counter so I don't forget to strain and bottle it all. ACV is super healthy and useful for a ton of stuff but that's another post altogether, we use most of it for our chickens so they don't get 'sticky butt' (1Tbsp/Liter of water).

Turmeric root

While getting the lemons and garlic today at the health food store I came across Turmeric root.... well, I already have Ginger going so.... I grabbed one and will plant it tomorrow also.

* Lemon & Garlic drink information: 
Multiple useful cardiovascular effects have been discovered including enhancement of fibrinolytic activity, lowering of blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol, and triglyceride.[] The results showed that combination of garlic and lemon juice significantly reduced serum TC, LDL-C, and blood pressure.

Lemon & Garlic drink recipe:
6 peeled lemons
30 garlic cloves
blend with 1/2C of water
Put in large pot with 1 Gallon water
Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 7 minutes. Strain into container suitable to keep it all in the fridge. Drink 8-12oz each morning.


  1. You can make quinine with lemon & grapefruit peels. Lots of videos on YT and some call it hydroxycloroquine as I guess that's the pharma version of quinine. Also good for what ails ya!

    1. Well theres the hot tip of the day! Thanks for that, I'll get some put up just in case.

    2. I forgot to say I freeze it in ice cube trays & then to freezer bag/container. Easy to thaw and last a bit longer. The directions I used said only a week in the fridge but a month in the freezer.

  2. P.S. I drink the ACV, lemon, honey & cayenne pepper tonic every morning. Might have to try yours. Is the garlic real strong? Or should I ask strong enough for you to smell like garlic?

    1. The things I do for this blog, as I said this is Brad's drink... I've never actually tasted it before. It has a mild lemon flavour while drinking it and a mild garlic flavour after taste which doesn't last long but you could always pop a tictac. My go-to drink is honey, lemon and ginger - I love it although I sometimes drink it with a dash of both cayenne and turmeric.

    2. Thanks for that. What a trooper!

  3. I add some white vinegar to my lemon cleaning fluid. It smells to fresh after everything gets a good wipe down.


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