Monday, 24 January 2022

The many uses of raw milk

 I can only trust you will be as astounded as I when you read through this list of uses of raw milk.

(Cow or goat)

Note: This is raw farm milk, not store milk -- store milk will not work for many of these.

1.    Obviously, a drink.

2. Cream

3. Whipping cream

4. Butter

5. Clabbered milk

6. Cottage cheese

7. Yogurt (cultured cream)

8. Sour cream

9. Kefir

10. Mozza

11. Ice Cream

12. Cream cheese

                            PERSONAL CARE

13. Facial (lightening, adds glow and pore closing) optional: mix with honey


14. Disinfectant ( submerse garden implements to disinfect)

15. Fungal spray (1part milk, 3 parts water - spray leaves)

16. Improve garden soil condition (simply pour on)

17. Fertilizer (50/50 milk/water - pour on soil)

18. Plant feed - Milk & Molasses (1C milk, 4C water, 2Tbsp Molases - spray)

19. Control Aphids, spider mites, etc. (spray whole or diluted)


  1. Yes, astounded. I can get raw goat milk from a friend but not sure where to find the raw milk. In WI (where I used to live) the Amish were not allowed to sell their raw milk to the English out of their little store, but a friend bartered with them so "not sold".

    The real reason for my comment is for your body lotion recipe. Looked but didn't see it in your sidebar. I think you are my new go to for great natural/homemade things. Thanks!- Barb

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Raw goats milk works for all of the above uses. However, it has much less cream and so cream collection (skimming from the top) in sufficient amounts for cheese, butter making etc would require more milk but it can be done.

      I will post the Body Butter recipe tomorrow morning, just for you. :D

      Now that I know people are interested (well, one at least), I will add more recipes and tag them in the labels.

      Thanks again for your input.

    2. Thank you. I'll check out the stuff in your sidebar a little more, too.


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