Saturday, 26 February 2022

So it's NOT a conspiracy theory after all

Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

Question asked in Parliament shut down as 'misinformation' and 
Klaus Schwab himself at the end of clip.

Klaus Schwab introduces Justin Trudeau at WEF

The details of The Great Reset.. ie You will own nothing and you will be happy... can be found here or here on the World Economic Forum Website.

If this one doesn't scare you... there really just is no hope.

Our independent thinking leaders

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy"

How?: Rent it all... house, wrench, whatever.

Better for who?! 
The one you pay the rent to, not you.

Also worth noting... What could kill 10M people?

'This thing'... sure sounds as though it already exists (2018)... but the convo is meant to be hypothetical.

Need I remind you... the Standard Operating Practice of Governments...  -  Create the problem and then offer the solution.


  1. Wow -- who knew??

    I need to go find some new "conspiracy theories" --the ones we had have all come true!


    1. Every 'conspiracy theory' (lie) holds at least a pinch of truth.


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