Monday, 28 March 2022

RIP Bambi

Sadly when I went out Saturday morning to the animals I found Bambi had died in the night. She had seemed fine the night before.

We have no idea what happened. She was given nothing unusual to eat and nothing got in to the barn... she just went. 

Peter and Gertie are fine. There is just no explanation for why Bambi died.

I will still wait until she has been here 2 weeks to breed Gertie, this will give her time to adapt fully to us and her new surroundings. I did clean out Bambi's cage and put Gertie in there so that she would have Peter as a friendly neighbour and they could get used to each other.

I will say that Peter was far more excited when I put Gertie in beside him than he was about Bambi, likely because his spidey senses are tingling now that he knows what thats about.

Regardless of everything it is hard to lose any animal who's life you are responsible for so I was a bit out of sorts for a while. We just don't know what happened. 

Some friends suggested we do an autopsy to see if we could find out anything but we decided that dead is dead and as she wasn't fed anything unusual there wouldn't be much to find. And as we don't know what she died from, using her meat would not be an option either.

Friday, 18 March 2022

Kits and Starlink

Saw this sign in Peavey Mart yesterday.... so tempted to get it but.... $26 so a pic will do.

The day finally arrived for Bambi and Peter to have their playdate. Brad came with me just in case the Mrs got nasty with Peter but everything went fine -- well, lets just say he knew what to do but he had some confusion on which end was up -- he figured it out eventually.

L-R: Peter and Bambi

A little snuggle

In order to ensure that Bambi is pregnant I put her in again the next day... because he's a rookie I wanted to make sure.

Also yesterday a local rabbit breeder reached out because she had a doe available and she knew I was looking for a second one. During a rather busy day, we managed to run out to her farm and pick her up.

Gertrude (Gertie)
Gertie is breeding age but we will wait 2 weeks to allow her to settle in and so we don't get overwhelmed by kits (baby bunnies).

When we were still in BC, we ordered Starlink satellite internet... I made sure to change our address info when we moved and yesterday the dish arrived. They upgraded us to the new super duper version for free too. 

While you do need to pay for the equipment ($600), the internet service itself is the same price as our previous internet. 

Not having to go and reset the internet 3 x a day.... Priceless.

Shipping Box

No mistaking this is SpaceX internet

All the pieces were intact

Super simple instructions.... total plug and play.

Comes with its own router

All set up. The dish rotates and aligns itself and even heats up when it senses snow.

All set up and ready to go

Our previous internet download speed was 18.2 and upload speed was 3.43
and we had to reset the router on average 3 times a day as it would glitch out. (Xplornet)

With Starlink our internet download speed is 193.9 and upload speed is 13.9

We have not yet had to reset anything. 

Once the system is turned on the app on your phone asks you to create the wifi network by giving it a name and password. 

Thats it. 

Kinda disappointing for a techie, really but... super simple so that anyone can do it.

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Apology and some nookie

Sorry about all that political rhetoric in recent posts but as a member of a 'Small Fringe Minority' who was made an 'Enemy of the State' by our not-so-bright leaders -- I just didn't feel I could NOT say something.

Now that things have calmed down, at least for the present time, we will be returning to our 'regular programming'.

It's almost breeding day for our rabbits and Peter is definitely looking forward to his play date, Bambi... I'm not so sure about.

In rare instances a Doe will attack the Buck and she can be quite savage.. removing important breeding requirements straight off his body. (I'll let you figure that one out on your own)

March 16 is the day. I shall keep you posted.

I keep meaning to take pictures of the rabbits and have even taken the phone out with me a few times now but keep forgetting to take pics. I function on habitual routine and so to remember the photos requires me to change the routine and I clearly have issues remembering to do that.