Thursday, 10 March 2022

Apology and some nookie

Sorry about all that political rhetoric in recent posts but as a member of a 'Small Fringe Minority' who was made an 'Enemy of the State' by our not-so-bright leaders -- I just didn't feel I could NOT say something.

Now that things have calmed down, at least for the present time, we will be returning to our 'regular programming'.

It's almost breeding day for our rabbits and Peter is definitely looking forward to his play date, Bambi... I'm not so sure about.

In rare instances a Doe will attack the Buck and she can be quite savage.. removing important breeding requirements straight off his body. (I'll let you figure that one out on your own)

March 16 is the day. I shall keep you posted.

I keep meaning to take pictures of the rabbits and have even taken the phone out with me a few times now but keep forgetting to take pics. I function on habitual routine and so to remember the photos requires me to change the routine and I clearly have issues remembering to do that.

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