Monday, 30 May 2022

Bunny, garden and house update

Gertrude and her 6 kits

Mabel's 10 kits
(now out of the nesting box)

2 rabbit tractors (cages) will be built this week to house the kits on the grass once they are weaned. Gerties are weaned on Friday, and Mables the following Friday.

Our garden is getting put in as quickly as we can with everything else going on.

The 2 rows on the left (tall ones) are Organic picked up when we arrived here and planted back in the fall (zone 4a).
The 4 rows on the right (short ones) are what we saved from our garden last year (zone 7b).
Such a stark difference.

A better view.
The organic are much darker green, taller and just more 'lush' if that term could be applied to garlic.

Now, about my brother's new house. I will be going to SK to paint it out for him when he gets possession next month. Super excited for him. This will also give me a chance to visit with my youngest son and his family too.

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