Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Around the acreage

In typical spring fashion, I have been harvesting all kinds of stuff from the property and drying them in the freeze dryer so I have them available all year long.


White clover

The garden is growing very well. The local organic garlic is now above my waist and heading towards my shoulders... never seen the likes of it in my life!! Will be interesting to see whats happening underground when the time comes, has all its energy been spent on growing the greens or will the garlic bulbs be massive?! 

We sold our truck, long story but suffice to say that I think we'll be vehicle shopping in the fall, if not sooner. We're kind of watching whats available now.


Sunday, 26 June 2022

False pregnancy, kind of...

Gertrude was put in with Peter on May 16th, so she was due between June 13-16th. On June 10th I gave her a nesting box and she set about happily making her nest, all was well with the world.

June 16th came and went, no kits.... I waited and waited, nothing.
June 20th, I removed the nesting box because it was clearly a false pregnancy.

The morning of June 22nd, a single deceased kit appeared in her cage with her. 

Peculiar, none of my rabbit friends have never heard of such a thing and we can only surmise that the kit died before the due date and her body finally removed it.

Very sad and unfortunate.


Friday, 24 June 2022

Haymaker's Punch recipe (aka switchel)

Are you hot? Thirsty?... here's a solution.

Waaaaaaay back in the super crinkly days (Pioneer days), they used to make haymaker's punch as a refreshing, nutritious drink. Here is that recipe, it sounds bad but it is really delicious, quenching and nourishing for your body. Also, it is a probiotic.

In a 1/2 gal (2 litre) jar:

2" Ginger, sliced

1 Lemon, quartered

5 Tbsp Honey or Maple Syrup (we recommend maple)

1/4C Apple Cider Vinegar (on the lighter side of 1/4C)

Fill the rest of the jar with water 

Shake well, let sit in fridge 24 hours before drinking.

Will last a week or so in the fridge.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

Rabbit tractors

The rabbit tractors are made, these are the tractors (cages) that the rabbits grow up in on the grass. I needed something to put on them for shade and found at Home Depot some corrugated plastic in a multitude of colours. I chose yellow because it is a happy colour, more suitable than red, blue or green I thought.

For the record, they are completely covered with heavy gauge mesh, the plastic is only for shade purposes...

The bunnies love having fresh grass every day as you might imagine.