Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Around the acreage

In typical spring fashion, I have been harvesting all kinds of stuff from the property and drying them in the freeze dryer so I have them available all year long.


White clover

The garden is growing very well. The local organic garlic is now above my waist and heading towards my shoulders... never seen the likes of it in my life!! Will be interesting to see whats happening underground when the time comes, has all its energy been spent on growing the greens or will the garlic bulbs be massive?! 

We sold our truck, long story but suffice to say that I think we'll be vehicle shopping in the fall, if not sooner. We're kind of watching whats available now.



  1. good day kate, what do you do with the white clover? Garden sure looks good. What's happening with your house purchase & move?

    1. Here is a link for info on clover

      My brother bought a house, I was going to help him paint it but when Brad's uncle passed away the plan on that changed.

      While we will be moving eventually, it won't be until fall and we've decided to leave acreage life behind once our lease here expires at the end of September, we will be staying in Alberta though.

  2. but in a blog awhile ago you said you would be
    moving at the end of the month. I'm so
    confused, change your mind or what????
    I do remember you said that you would put in
    a garden there as well. I see you have removed that particular blog post???

    1. There was a post about my brother buying a house that I removed for privacy. We have never had plans to leave the acreage before fall. Sorry for the confusion.


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