Sunday, 26 June 2022

False pregnancy, kind of...

Gertrude was put in with Peter on May 16th, so she was due between June 13-16th. On June 10th I gave her a nesting box and she set about happily making her nest, all was well with the world.

June 16th came and went, no kits.... I waited and waited, nothing.
June 20th, I removed the nesting box because it was clearly a false pregnancy.

The morning of June 22nd, a single deceased kit appeared in her cage with her. 

Peculiar, none of my rabbit friends have never heard of such a thing and we can only surmise that the kit died before the due date and her body finally removed it.

Very sad and unfortunate.



  1. I wish people who know nothing about raising rabbits would stop doing so. She gave birth to a dead kit, toxins from it in her system can make her very sick or die. Idiots...nowadays. Good luck and stop doing what you know to little about.

    1. Firstly, I have an incredible amount of knowledge about raising rabbits. I don't know what you would have me do? Cut her open to search for a pregnancy I didn't know she had? Wouldn't want to be a rabbit of yours.
      Secondly, we are currently searching for a new home for them.
      Third, Judge not...


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