Thursday, 28 July 2022

Garden update

 Oh how our garden grows...

Still loving the professional weed fabric

Kidney Beans


Corn is about 6 ft tall now

Carrots are 2 ft tall. We planted regular and rainbow carrots this year

Garlic has all been pulled now and is hung to dry

My herbs and spices as well as a bunch of flowers (mostly in the front)

The rabbits were sent to freezer camp and I found a home for the breeding set and all their cages and accessories went with them. The tractors were sold to another person. I loved having rabbits and we may do it again later but right now we are (uncharacteristically, hahahaha) changing things up and do not want to be tied down to livestock.

Homes were found for the chickens several weeks ago and so we now only have the garden to tend to.


  1. I've been looking forward to an update from you and now I have it. Your garden looks fantastic and fruitful - good on you. I'm sure it is consuming a lot of time right now. Take care. Linda

    1. Hi Linda sorry for the delay in responding, its been super busy. The garden is doing great and has recovered from the since written about storm too.

  2. It looks like your garden is about to pay off Big Time. Having Animals to tend to takes up any extra time you might have had.
    Be Safe and Enjoy planning for the future.

    It's about time.

    1. Its definitely freeing not having to worry about the livestock. Although you just never know we may end up at that again one day when we get on in years and have less desire to travel.

  3. Lots of changes...again. Your garden is beautiful! I wish I had room for one like that.

    1. No, you really don't. LOL It takes waaaay lots of time and effort.


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