Monday, 22 August 2022

Rainbows in the garden

This year I chose to add rainbow carrots to our list of garden seeds. The result?

Ginormous carrots in a variety of colours.

They are just huge, compared to our regular orange carrots, 
(there are orange in the rainbow pack also, as above)
with less compacted soil, I can't wait to see how big next years rainbow carrots get.

Inside of a purple carrot

White carrot

It is crazy busy around here with everything that is going on but the garden is growing amazingly well, especially considering the soil. The ground is still very hard and compacted even though we had it tilled and added manure to it in the fall.

Corn ears are growing in nicely

Tomatoes and Peppers are still ripening



  1. Wow you must be super busy with all your veggies ripening up.
    Miss your blog info,
    Write soon, please.

  2. Bet you are really busy with harvesting and processing. But sure miss your blog, take care Melynda.


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