Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Dear Melynda

Yes, its been super busy around here.

We have been harvesting and freeze drying the garden and as you can see below, there isn't much left. 

Today, we took a few more rows down and now only the tomatoes remain.

The garden today

My bouquet

I had a few daisy plants left and Brad picked the remaining flowers from them, wrapped them with some tie cord we had used to hold the peppers up to the cattle panels and surprised me with them while I was working on another project. Imagine my surprise! So romantic!!

Our largest (and last) zucchini
17.5 inches!

The garden is rapidly winding down. 

This past Sunday (11th) was our first frost date. Hence, the tomatoes are covered to protect them from the frost and we hope it will help to warm them when the sun is out and help with ripening... temps are beginning to drop and those who never get it right don't give us long to get them done.

Monday was also 1 year since my Dad passed away.