Thursday, 13 October 2022

Winter gardening in central Alberta?

I decided just to try to see if I could grow a couple of simple things over the winter. 

Just to see if I could.

We have our January starter racks and lights set up in the basement and so I decided to give it a go.

I made up 2 larger pots of soil and put them in the garage for now, then made up 8 potential starter plant pots... 4 Roma tomatoes and 4 Wonder bell pepper plants... and put them on a shelf with the growing lights and a heat pad. 

Entire setup

Day 1 
Oct 12, 2022

If the seeds crack, I will take periodic pictures of their progress. There is a small window across from this setup and with the lights.... maybe I can get them started. We will see. If I'm able to get 1 of each going I will thaw the pots holding in the garage and try to keep them going with a hope of getting some fresh veg over winter. I have about 10 pots of assorted herbs in the livingroom for the winter also.

The grow lights being on chains allows me to adjust the height of them as the plants (hopefully) get bigger.


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