Monday, 20 February 2023

Xmas, Covid and Seedlings

We absolutely overdid it last year. As boring as it was this winter, we were able to keep ourselves busy with the local get together club and it went quite quickly. Before we knew it it was Xmas, then New Years and now we're into the very early stages of garden season. We really needed this winter off to recuperate after the crazy busy year we had last year.

Xmas came and went, very relaxed winter

I set up the seedling grower doohickey in my office since I still haven't set it up as an office and we have company coming this week.

1st seedlings go here

Once established, they go here

My pepper plant from the fall is still tiny but alive and so is my Poinsettia from 2021 (left)

As you might expect, just as spring was hiding around the corner - we got Covid... I was down 9 days and covid never occurred to either of us, then Brad got it. We were testing negative when Brad got a fever of 104.8F and zaps in his head - so I called an Ambulance and he was taken to ER, they got his fever down and kept him for observation overnight. Turned out to all be okay by morning.

A week later Brad had a massage so he took another covid test just to make sure we were still negative and voila -- positive. Damn It...

We don't follow the covid yada yada so we thought you had to test until negative (up to 3 mos by the way)... remember those 2020 cruise ships?! Well, turns out now your only contagious for 24 hours after your fever breaks.... we learned this 5 days after Brad's fever broke. WooHoo, Free at last, 3 weeks locked in was tooooooo long, in BC lockdown wasn't so bad because we could still sit out on the deck under but here when your sick and its (really warm for the prairies) just below 0C, sitting outside just isn't an option.

That was Valentine's Day, which we celebrate as our dating anniversary ( 18 years) since we didn't make note of the date of our first date, sometime around the end of February/early March.

Trust me, he's happy to be out of the house.

I am ecstatic to be out of the house.

We went for Vietnamese!!! Our favourite.

So I've been sick with the dreaded covid flu (which is nothing more than a flu, in my opinion) and still tire faster than I should but I'm getting better everyday, Brad is lagging as you'd expect 9 days behind me on the energy scale. This isn't totally why I haven't posted but I've just had no gumption to do it and covid is as good an excuse as any... 

I have started a few seeds and when they crack I'll post about that next.

Our friend left her husband a few months ago (left the province)  and they are now trying to make it work so she is moving in with us for a short while to see if they can make a go of it. This is why the seedling starter thingy is in my office and not downstairs where I had it set up originally.

Then in April, my oldest is hoping to come for a visit.

Stacey (from BC) has booked her visit for May.

The guest room is booking up LW ;) Pick your slot hahaha 

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  1. Ahhh...ok -- duly noted! ;) lemme talk to mr lw ;)

    But the covid flu? :( sorry you guys had that. Brad sounds like he was quite sick. I'm glad you guys are on the mend. Continue to rest/not push through until you are completely recovered.

    It was nothing more than a flu for me as well (although we do each experience it differently, that's for sure). I am in *that* group everyone was out to protect with their masking and jabs. I've had covid twice and it was nothing more than a flu. Certainly not anywhere close to what I endure with my chronic illnesses.



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