Sunday, 26 March 2017

50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Bob & Jane

Yesterday Bob & Jane had been married for 50 years so everyone gathered for a shindig, as you do.

The meal and the company were phenomenal, though we had only met a few of those gathered previously, we really enjoyed meeting many more friends and relatives of Bob & Jane. And, I remembered to take pictures of the food this time (well, Jane reminded me)..

Char grilled rump of Blackberry farm beef, peppercorn sauce, saute potatoes

Langar lamb cooked long and slow, herb crumb

Vanilla panna cotta, macerated strawberries, earl grey tea sobet

Chocolate Basque mousse meringue,  caramel ice cream

Every detail was meticulously thought through

The entire event at Langar Hall was extremely well done.

Brad even made a new friend to talk Military, Politics and U-Boats with. 

All in all it was a fantastic day and we thank Bob & Jane for managing to fit us into their special day.

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  1. I love those place settings and would die for the caramel ice cream.


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