Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Thoughts on the new RV mattress

We have had a quiet couple of days while Brad is recovering from his bad tooth. The B&B we are renting has an extremely firm mattress and this is also causing us some problems. Brad has military injuries of his neck and back and so on top of the toothache he has been suffering from for a few days now, he has also had to cope with a sore back - and hips. Now I have to say that I do not suffer from any specific back problems but I have also been having issues whilst sleeping on this damn mattress in my back and hips also. I actually stole the down comforter off the 2nd bedroom bed (yes it is a rock also) and doubled it over on Brad's side to give him a bit more cushion and it helps, -mildly.

We will definitely be very careful upon ordering the new mattress for the RV!! RVGeeks have put out information about a mattress they have found and even provide a 10% discount using their code "rvgeeks", and more recently Paddy @ the Paddy Wagon has used their code to replace his mattress. We will be waiting to hear his review of it, but we have decided that the mattress must be a goodun, no matter what.

As to my iPhone: I have received the phone back with its new battery and it appears to be holding its charge now much to my relief. However, last night I tried to take video & pictures with it and I was promptly informed that I did not have enough storage!! Whoa is me. I spent some time last night going through it and clearing some stuff out, but I am unclear about how this works... my iPhone is tied to my desktop back home so when I plug it in to the iMac it correlates info with it... thereby filling up my storage. Anyone know anything about this? Any techy types out there? Would really appreciate some insight into this for future reference because when we get home and I backup the stupid thing, I'm quite sure it will be full once again.

I did manage to get one video (never had so much trouble with a phone in my life) and I will try to edit and post it on this blog before I post it.

AARGH! No such luck with the video, sorry folks.


  1. Apple products only use the cloud for storage. You cannot add a SD card to add memory. Good luck with the cloud. It's so hard for me to understand all that stuff.

    1. Thank you, yes I have the cloud also. I shall have to Google how it all works, this techy stuff is getting ahead of me these days, I used to know it so well....

  2. We bit the bullet and got a Tempurapedic memory foam for our RV. My husband has back issues and it works for him (we realize how well when we sleep somewhere else). It was expensive, but it works. I know RVGeeks and Patrick like theirs, though--and it was a *&^%$ to get that mattress in our rig. :) I love my new IPhone (7 plus)--my pictures go to my laptop, too, and I put them on a thumb drive to save them. I don't understand and/or trust "the cloud." :)

  3. Yes, its been awhile now so I should check in with Paddy and see how its going for him. I agree about trusting the cloud but I don't have any national security stuff on my computer so if people want to hack it and look at pictures of my Gkids.... LOL