Monday, 27 November 2017

Finally found us a spot

Its been a busy couple of days around here so sorry I haven't written anything.

We've been trying to find a spot to stay on for the winter. I drove the entire park and wrote down all the private sites for rent since the office has run out of spots, at least within our price range. I called all of them and everything is booked.

A friend of ours (Vicky & Bruce's really) had a site reserved but to cut a long story short he has cancelled so we will get his spot which happens to be directly across the road from V&B. It is an empty site so we will have no warm fuzzies in the yard which sucks but with friends across the street who have said we could use theirs (we're there a lot anyway) hopefully it will work out okay.

We have been out of the park a couple of times but I don't have many pictures. I went to Temecula with V&B the other day to do some shopping and get their Jeep washed after our adventure on the mountain, it is now shiny and new - tires and all.

While we were doing that Brad also went in to Temecula on an errand and returned with a bunch of groceries and we have managed to actually eat at home the last couple of days. Guess we'll see how long that lasts. I'd like to try to keep our restaurant visit to once a week but not sure we can do it honestly, it helps that we are about half an hour from the main community here so maybe we can keep it up.

Our propane in the rig is very very low and they come around on Thursdays so we have been showering in one of the many facilities here in the park and Vicky let us borrow a kettle so we've been managing well. Cooking supper has been somewhat of an issue and as I don't really have any appropriate containers for either the microwave or the convection, I've had the Instant Pot out a few times and it definitely works great.

Only a high of 16C today so this morning I put a coat on to take Robbie out only to discover I didn't need one, it's still very warm (it was 12C at the time). Full cloud cover and its supposed to rain, looks like it is now as I write this actually. A solid drizzle.

Well that's that, today I'm hoping to go see a man about a Golf Cart.


  1. Good luck with your winter home, hope it works out for you.

    1. Thanks George, we hope so too. We’ll be boondocking our way home.

  2. Getting set up for the season sounds serious. As long as your having fun Who Cares.
    Looking at a Golf Cart to Buy or Rent then where will you store it or are you also buying a Trailer to haul all your toys Home.
    Will Revenue Canada love You $$$$.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It’s just a rental, we have enough stuff to haul around already.

  3. I run water through my coffee maker to heat water for dishes, etc.

  4. Sounds like you're staying put for the winter so enjoy!

    1. Thanks, I know its likely disappointing to some readers but we like it here and there is plenty to do in the area once we get our feet planted.

  5. Probably should take Brads binoculars away from him once you guys move across the street??


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