Friday, 23 March 2018

iPhone repaired

Well that was the longest 24 hours of my life....

I don't even think it was 24 hours.....

I took my phone to WeFix in Temecula and within the hour I had a shiny new phone and a case to put around it!  AND only $75 (plus case) because its a 6 not a 6S. Bonus! OOOHHHHH! SHINEY!


We have to move the rig today, another propane run. We've been on E for 3 days already... better get it done today because cooler overnight temps are on the way for a couple of days before the sun gives us a last hoorah for our final week here.

So sad to have to leave here but rules are rules. Our biggest mistake (so far) this season was that we crossed 2 weeks too early... Here's hoping the drive north and the temps in AB warm up from what is expected at this point.... -6C, -8C overnight will be a weeeee bit chilly for us.

Not that we can complain after we've had our warmest winter ever being in the SouthWest, but I'm sure I'll complain anyway... it's a woman's prerogative... oh, wait - that's changing minds.... well I'll come up with something that'll allow me to moan...

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  1. Nice that you got you I-phone repaired and looking like new again.


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