Wednesday, 2 May 2018

All parts should be in

Okay so we spent several hours yesterday trying to find a head gasket for this Jeep. No big surprise, none of the parts shops had one. Earliest was this morning out of Edmonton.

So we ordered one, took the head in to the machinist who promptly twisted the bolts out by hand -- yup, we didn't need to remove the head at all which would have saved the need for a new gasket. Suffice to say that was frustrating, but typical of how our year is going so far.

We bought the new bolts from the machinist also and took everything (except gasket) out to my brother's place.

This morning, my brother is going to get the gasket and put it in. He will call us when its ready. I think its fair to say that having additional people around has been a distraction.

We have a bunch of other errands to do which we have been putting off because of our 'when someone is doing something for you, you should be there' upbringing... (we are both English).

Anyway, this Jeep as you know has been a nightmare and there have been other family things happening which has made for a difficult few weeks.

Onward and upward.


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