Monday, 11 February 2019

Move to BC they said...

...they don't have winter, they said...

This morning.

The snow is over my rubber boots.

I moved the (lifted) Jeep and the engine compartment was dragging through the snow. We have a snowplow guy coming but no ETA as the roads take priority obviously.

Incredibly beautiful nevertheless

One of our campers decided to snowboard down the driveway before the plow comes.

 Snow was too deep and fluffy I guess, he just couldn't get it going, but fun to try.

Last night the snow measured 7" on top of the solar golf cart.

This morning...


You may remember this picture from the Blog header in the fall.

I took this one last night at the 7" mark. Same angle, etc. So I think I'll take one for all four seasons. 
(current header picture)

No matter the weather or the season, this place is a Magical Wonderland!!
Yes, even in the rain.


  1. Wow you guys got hammered ... we received almost a foot of snow. I shoveled the driveway 3 times yesterday and sent Ray out to pick up the honda snow blower I purchased over the phone this morning in Duncan before the next bunch of snow tonight. lol

  2. Good thing BC doesn't get Snow or you'd really be in trouble. LOL!
    To think I was trying to convince Kathy of heading there next year. Not Now!
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the beauty of it all.

    It's about time.

    1. Hey, now hang on a minute... this is a one off weather anomaly... don't get the wrong impression. It hasn't been like this in 10 years! See you next year :)

  3. At least you have the right vehicle for all that snow.

    1. Welcome back stranger! Yes, the Jeep has been very handy today. Brad drove a neighbour in to town for errands, her SUV wouldn't get up the driveway. Another 6-10" tonight 'they' say.

  4. Hmmm... yes! From Sundre Alberta to Nanaimo to Tsawwassen. But we know it will rain soon and melt it away.
    And we don’t have the -29C like my son in Edmonton.
    And I live in a condo with an underground garage! And a gas fireplace. And a 2 minute walk from the library and grocery store. Lucky me!
    So I’m kinda enjoying it!

    1. All very good point Shirley. We're enjoying it too, honestly. Robbie loves to play in the snow and now its as high as he is. We're on the back side of it now. The frigid overnights should be behind us, still cold but above 0c during the day and only -5c or warmer at night as of tonight instead of -12c, with 2" walls that makes a big difference.

  5. Yikes! Still better than what we're dealing with. 40cm over tonight and tomorrow in Ottawa :(

    1. We got about 2.5 ft here, for an island that doesn't get much snow usually, its been quite the kerfuffle. The entire island has been shut down now for 2 days and likely tomorrow as well.

      Hope yours isn't quite as disruptive for you guys.

      Nice to hear from you again Judith.

    2. Wow that is a lot of snow there! A few years ago I was on SSI in March. I was expecting spring like weather so packed accordingly. Of course it snowed and Ottawa had a heat wave of 30C. We're slowly getting packed up. 76 days until the house closes.... Any news on your house?

    3. We'll tell you all about it when we see you.

  6. WE hope it is a one off weather anomaly, as we plan to go home that way in 2020. Have fun!


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