Saturday, 16 November 2019

Being creative

Added a shelf in the old shed out back we just enclosed

Raccoons will be at this garbage can, so...

Time to build an enclosure so they can't knock it over every night, hopefully this will make the bungee cord sufficient

Its been raining buckets so here is the pic I managed to get of the garbage bin... I'm sure it will appear in other pictures later, and I doubt anyone actually cares about our bin surround anyway, so...

I think I mentioned the $10 6ft Xmas tree I got just before the move, well it will need decorations and I don't want to spend a fortune on Xmas stuff for an outdoor tree, so I decided to make them. Stopped at the Dollar store when last we were in Duncan and got some cookie cutters and kids paint (washable, so not sure how that will bode in the rain.... oh well)

Air drying for 2 days...


You will just have to see them finished when I put the tree up, done every year on Dec 1st. I forgot to get a finished pic - I know, I'm a terrible human but you'll get over it eventually - or you'll see them when I take of pic of the finished tree... 

I dropped and broke a snowman but everything else worked out great and they are hanging to allow them to dry completely deep inside, some were relatively thick as I don't have a rolling pin, how I don't know but I dug and dug and couldn't find one anywhere.


  1. Well done Katie. Look forward to a pic of your finished product. As for a rolling pin I have often used a wine bottle in the RV for that purpose. lol Full or empty does not matter. :)

    1. Your absolutely right Deb! I totally forgot that one. Not that we have any wine but I have a couple bottles of Harvey's... that'll do the trick, thanks :D


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