Tuesday, 12 May 2020

A return to sticks and bricks

Our next chapter:

We have rented a log home on Gabriola Island, BC

Beautiful view of an orchard, ocean, ferry, mountains and sky

After 2 years and 8 months of RVLife we have decided it is time for a change and we have rented a log home. The West coast offers amazing scenery and phenomenal green spaces which come at a cost of a lot of rain.... and in an RV that tick tick tick on the roof has become too much. 

Time to return to sticks and bricks, we intend to keep the RV in storage at least for the short term, just in case sticks and bricks isn't all we remember it to be... Unfortunately, due to the number of tourists that seek out Salt Spring it is almost impossible to find accomodation here that you won't be tossed out of in lieu of higher paying tourists so after much 'discussion', we have managed to find a different island to call home.

On the surface: 

* Gabriola offers all essential services that we need, from Dr's, dentists, hardware, restaurants and coffee shops. Nanaimo is a 20 minute ferry ride away which offers Walmart, Costco, Tim Horton's, Home Depot, etc. The island offers plenty of beaches, forests, trails and wildlife too.

* The population on Gabriola is only about 4,000 residents = 10,000 in summer, compared to Salt Spring at 10,000 residents = 50,000 in summer. Note: these are ballpark numbers.

* Gabriola appears to have all the things we love about Salt Spring without all the annoying things we do not love about Salt Spring... and we are very much looking forward to our new adventure. Perhaps eventually we will settle down here?

** OH, and most important of all --- Gabriola apparently has Pickleball courts!! Actual Pickleball courts, not converted tennis courts -- actual PB courts! Only a player will understand the importance of this. Score!!

Now, we do hope you stay with us even though we are transitioning away from RVLife and follow us through our next phase of our adventurous life.


  1. All the best in your new adventure. I just got caught up on your blog and I am sorry to hear of your recent health issue, but happy to see you are on the mend. In this different world we are living in, Covid-19, you don't need anything else to complicate your live. We all need to make the best decisions for our lives, whether its the RV or sticks and bricks house, so once again, all the best. Stay healthy and safe.

  2. We understand your decision totally as life has a way of throwing things at us that we cannot plan for. Looking forward to reading about your transition from Fulltimers to Snowbirds.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I think you will love living in a log house with that view. Ray and I found we loved having the extra space. Although we enjoyed our winter in our coach down south in the warm sunny weather, where you lived mostly outside, it sure was nice to come home to the house in the spring. Good luck to both of you.

    1. Thanks, extra space will be welcome after the wet winter we had and then quarantine... yup - and a clawfoot tub to boot.

  4. Well the tub certainly seals the deal :). I do have to say that I have never known anyone to move about as much as you two. Good luck with the transition.

  5. A new chapter! We are looking at a house tonight. As much as we love life on the road, I need a base. And who knows where we will be able to travel with borders closed. So we will travel our province this summer then go back to our base for the winter. Best of luck, Gabriola is a lovely island, I have other friends who live there.

    1. That is essentially our plan also as we still have this cross country trip to do to hell and back at some point when things open up again.


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