Saturday, 10 July 2021

To Hell and Back

While I’m away Brad is holding down the Fort…

Preparing Stevia (sugar substitute) for Betty

So we went to ‘hell’ anyone familiar would be able to suss out where that is by now but I shan’t be naming names or offering explanations to everything just yet.

Still too much on the go there. So please don’t type it below either or I’ll have to delete your comment. The day will come.

Stacey and I managed to get all of our belongings out, and absolutely no desire to go ever again but there may be a need to at some point. 

Only time will tell.

The Covid check to ‘hell’ was a gong show just like everything else hell related. To be clear, we pre- registered for everywhere we went so there would be no delays… 11 lanes of 40 cars each , 1 man with a clipboard for half an hour before another 2 joined him… 45 min of our 1.5 hrs allocated to loading the truck. Oh, and the ferry was 45 min late too! So used up all of our allotted truck loading time. We needed to get back for our next booking.

I called the office and was told it was the Gov’t that was holding us up, not the company… except that I was a customer of the company and on the company’s property. But nope not even a ‘sorry’ ‘kiss your ass’ or anything, just tough.

Tried to talk to one of the guys on the ground he just said ‘right on, right on’ and walked away.

Stacey spent 2 hrs on the phone getting disconnected, given a wrong number to call a different dept., and never did get through. Even Brad emailed the head office about it to which an auto reply came saying they’d call in 3 days. 

We just went for it, got to loading and praying we’d get there in time but knowing we’d likely be turned back.

While Stacey’s cell played the ‘we appreciate your call’ bs, my phone rang and it was a rep from Nova Scotia who made a note on our booking that we’d be late. Thank you! 

We arrived after everyone else was loaded, last car in the hold. Whew! 

That boat only runs every 3 days… so, yeah… we could not miss it!  Or drive 10 hrs to another. 

Entry to ‘hell’

Yeah and in hell… Fish & Wildlife we’re checking people in. 

I tell ya you just can’t make this up.

Nova Scotia re-entry took 5 min. Smooth like butta. 


  1. Congratulations on catching the last ride out

    1. Yeah saw that. My angels love me- obviously. Could you imagine? Or a breakdown?.. I shudder to think…

  2. Glad you made it to the ferry on time.
    I used to work in Hell for over Thirty Years but it looked different then your's.
    Reading your posts just can't always comment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Someday we'll hear the rest of the story. You will deserve a vacation after this trip.


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